Smooth Sailing: Carus Gets on Board with IBM Bare Metal

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Every year, all around the world, ferries transport millions of passengers. Getting them to their destinations safely and efficiently presents a great logistical challenge.

Case study: "Smooth Sailing: Carus gets on board with IBM bare metal"

For example, it’s not uncommon to load 2,000 passengers onto a ferry in just 30 minutes. Checking tickets and getting passengers to their onboard accommodations efficiently requires a ticketing system to be highly reliable during peak times."

When a ferry operator asked Carus, a global supplier of information systems to the travel and transportation industry, to provide ticketing and other digital services to some of the most remote regions of Alaska, Carus selected IBM Cloud® Bare Metal Servers for the job.

“We need a lot of different configurations, and the standard sizing usually doesn’t fit. IBM bare metal servers fit us best because we can design and optimize the servers to meet our requirements.” — John Bertell, Director of Sales, Carus

The custom-configured solution helps Carus’ white-label solution remain fast and reliable, while security features help the organization maintain a zero-trust environment. Today, Carus uses mirrored IBM bare metal servers to support customers all over the world — from small vessels visiting remote islands to large, 2,000-passenger vessels that make multiple trips each day.

One client installation can handle more than 8 million API requests over 7 days, with an average response time of 418 milliseconds.

“[Peak times are] when IBM bare metal servers really shine. You need good data communications and good data speed and all of the different steps in the process need to be very quick if you want to get everyone on board in a timely manner.” — John Bertell, Director of Sales, Carus

Read the full case study to see how IBM Cloud® Bare Metal Servers help Carus provide ferry operators all over the world with a fast, reliable solution that’s designed for security.

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