Build Apps with Watson, Blockchain, Kubernetes, and Cloud Foundry

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The CloudCoins app at Cloud Foundry Summit

Do you need to select the right technologies to build the next productivity app in your application backlog? Get your hands dirty with those technologies before you start your build. Download the CloudCoins wellness app and use the git repo to tinker under the hood with services such as Watson MLblockchainKubernetesCloud Foundryserverless, and Compose for MongoDB.

What is CloudCoins?

CloudCoins a wellness app available on Google Play that you can download to measure your steps, rack up points, and, if you’re going to Cloud Foundry Summit in Basel on October 10th and 11th, use those points to buy SWAG. Since the app uses a full stack of services based on open-source, you can experiment with how each of those components piece together and how you might use those same components for your next productivity app.

What is CloudCoins?


For those going to Cloud Foundry Summit

Join our CloudCoins development team at the IBM Genius Bar to compare notes on the technology. In addition to our booth, we’ll have over 15 breakout sessions as well as project office hours. Our open-source developer team is revved up for the Cloud Foundry Hackathon.

We’ll also talk about the GA of Cloud Foundry Enterprise Environment(CFEE), where enterprises can now run Cloud Foundry in a public isolated environment while natively integrating with other IBM Cloud services such as AI, Blockchain, IoT and data tools.

CFEE runs on Kubernetes, which reduces complexity by giving development teams a comprehensive set of familiar tools under one management umbrella. This allows IT organizations to safeguard their existing investment in Cloud Foundry while seamlessly bringing in new skill sets that will lead to building apps that provide contemporary customer experiences. This relieves operational pain and enables you to become more flexible and responsive to customer requests.

For those who just want CloudCoins

If it’s too late to sign up for CF Summit, you can still download the CloudCoins app and play with Cloud Foundry+Kubernetes. It’s available for either iOS or Android. Here’s an overview of how it works:

For those who just want CloudCoins


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