Get started with Bluemix with a free online course

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Get started with Bluemix with a free online course

Want to learn more about us? Our free online course will help you understand the fundamentals of cloud computing and essential Bluemix services. The course includes video lectures, exercises, and quizzes to help you learn the material.

Start now!

Start now!

We estimate the total course time is about four hours, but you can skip around as your interests and experience dictate.

What can I expect from the free online course?

Course topics

  • Cloud computing, cloud architecture, and how to maximize the value of cloud development

  • The components and features of IBM Bluemix, such as compute options, organizations, spaces, and services

  • How to quickly deploy a starter application by using the Bluemix web interface

  • How Bluemix Continuous Delivery toolchains provides DevOps support for application management

  • How to use the Bluemix bx command line to deploy applications, understand the foundations of the Cloud Foundry architecture, and use services.

Course progress and completion tracking require logging in to developerWorks.


  • IBM Bluemix essentials

  • Bluemix interface tour

  • Bluemix command line interface

Hands-on exercises

  • Deploy your first application

  • Deploy an application using Bluemix Continuous Delivery

  • Work with bx CLI

  • Work with Eclipse and Bluemix

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