Bluemix Cloud Foundry on the Road at InterConnect 2017

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Bluemix Cloud Foundry on the Road at InterConnect 2017

IBM’s yearly conference, InterConnect is awesome, showcasing the very best of IBM business and technology. One of those technology solutions is Bluemix, IBM’s premier cloud platform. Bluemix has a number of compute delivery options, and the Bluemix Cloud Foundry compute is one of the powerful methods of delivering your cloud application to the world.

The Cloud Foundry Foundation brings together multiple industry vendors with this cloud platform software and is the base for the Bluemix solution – and it’s been an exciting year for the Cloud Foundry Foundation.

Cloud Foundry Mission

IBM continues to support the core mission of the Cloud Foundry Foundation in 2017. Cloud Foundry makes it easier for developers to create and continuously deliver applications. It simplifies the process of creating new apps and updating existing ones. With Cloud Foundry, developers have the control and flexibility to use the language, framework or cloud they prefer. Every major company is transforming into a software company, empowering developers to effect change within their organization. Cloud Foundry harnesses that power to create change.

IBM has built a world-class cloud platform with Cloud Foundry as a major component as we strongly support the Foundation’s mission and believe in the power of the Cloud Foundry platform. We contribute to the community’s diversity through our membership in the Foundation and speak to this in our participation at the Cloud Foundry Summit on June 13-15, where we will be sponsoring the cloud-native Node track.

Cloud Foundry at Interconnect

There are a large number of Cloud Foundry focused sessions at Interconnect, but here are the top sessions we recommend you attend.

  • Sunday: Check out the Open Technology Summit from 4:00 to 7:00 PM, where leaders from IBM and innovative open technology communities including Cloud Foundry, Linux, OpenStack and more will share perspectives on the benefits of being open. This is an informal but informative event with a chance to grab a drink and network with industry visionaries. Abby’s on at 5:30! Use hashtag #IBMOTS. [Session ID: 6991A | Islander]

  • Monday: Get demystified on open cloud architecture with this enlightening panel featuring Abby, OpenStack Foundation Executive Director Jonathan Bryce and IBM VP of Open Technology Todd Moore. Starts at 4:15 PM! [Session ID: 4108A | South Pacific J]

  • Tuesday: Abby takes the stage at 11:30 AM with a keynote on the developers and cloud technologies — like Cloud Foundry and Bluemix — powering the current transindustrial digital transformation. How do we bring the consumer experience to the enterprise? Abby reveals the innovation at play in the world of cloud computing. [Session ID: 6355A | South Pacific E]

  • Wednesday: Kick off your morning with this panel featuring Abby and speakers from the open source world and analyst industry as they discuss the innovation possible in open source cloud infrastructure. [Session ID: 3386A | Surf F]

All of these great talks at InterConnect lead up to the Cloud Foundry Summit in June in Santa Clara, CA, where the Cloud Foundry Foundation and members get together to push forward on the Cloud Foundry mission.

Join us at InterConnect and continue the Cloud Foundry engagement on the Bluemix Cloud Foundry compute offering.

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