Back Up Your Data Now With 100GB of EVault Backup Storage On Us

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The importance of backing up your data

As the anniversary of Hurricane Harvey destroying more than 100,000 homes and businesses in the Houston area approaches us, it is amazing to remember that not one IBM data center flooded and most were spared power outages. But, that’s not to say we’ve rested on our laurels when it comes to backup and recovery solutions for ourselves or for our customers’ backup requirements, both big and small. If there’s anything Hurricane Harvey has taught us, it’s to never underestimate the unexpected. It is essential to always be prepared, especially when it comes to our most prized possessions—your data.

Over the past year, we’ve doubled-down on revamping approachable backup storage solutions for our small- to medium-sized customers, including our cloud-based EVault Backup Storage services. Last month, we rolled out a more user-friendly and intuitive EVault Backup Storage portal experience.

We’re celebrating an improved backup storage experience roll-out in a few different ways

  1. NEW home on IBM Cloud: EVault’s one-stop-shop is now up and running. Go to to learn more about EVault’s latest features, ideal use cases, updated pricing, FAQs, resources, and documentation.

  2. NEW EVault documentation: Get step-by-step instructions and answers for getting started, ordering, installs with agents, plugins, multi-vaulting capabilities, backup and restore procedures, and other miscellaneous topics of interest.

  3. NEW EVault promotion: Our list of promotions just keeps on growing. You can now try 100GB of EVault backup storage at no cost, for up to two months, in any IBM Cloud data center around the world on your IBM Cloud bare metal server or virtual server instance. Just add-on EVault while provisioning your new or current server, then use promo code EV2MO100 at checkout. Your credit will be viewable on the final invoicing page of the customer bill. Offer details are below.

EVault Backup Storage on IBM Cloud is easier to deploy than you think

100GB of fully managed EVault backup (cost-free for up to two months) is a sweet deal, and we encourage you to give it a try. There’s no commitment, so if you don’t like the experience, you can discontinue the service at any time. Although, I’m certain you’ll want to stay, especially if you’re worried about overrunning your team with management hassles. Here’s why:

  • Enforced end-to-end encryption: Encryption now persists both in the vault and in the portal. Backup and restore sessions now have encryption passwords attached to them. You have absolute control over the storage of your password. We have no record of it, and we’ll never ask you to provide it. Simple as that.

  • Custom retention schemes and backup schedules: With our IBM Cloud managed set-it-and-forget-it model, you can now create backup jobs to follow custom schedules as desired, or you can select from a number of readily available templates. It’s applicable for retention schemes, so you can select from default schemes or create custom ones based on your needs.

  • Windows Server 2016: Your Windows environments are now fully supported by EVault Backup, plus a long list of other fully supported OS environments and ecosystems. Plain talk? Your multi-environment setups can play nicely with your backups.

If you’re still considering provisioning an IBM Cloud bare metal or virtual server and haven’t gotten around to thinking about backups yet, that’s okay. Just make sure to add EVault while provisioning your server in the IBM Cloud customer portal so you can try 100GB on us.

For those of you who’ve already provisioned your compute infrastructure and are avoiding complexities associated with backup solutions, that’s okay too. We get it. Setting up a backup system can be intimidating. Especially when you have multiple applications. And yes, you can try to cut corners. Please stop that. Say it with us: Snapshots are not backups. Consider EVault instead. Simplified management with central administration. A new user interface with intuitive and responsive process flows. Full-featured, automated, and agent-based through the EVault WebCC browser utility.

Try 100GB of EVault Backup Storage, today.

Get started on bare metal

Get started on virtual

Add the promo to your existing server

EVault Backup Storage Offer Details: Offer ends October 1, 2018. Promo offer valid for signup while supplies last. Upon signup, promo offer is valid for up to two months from the start date of the customer’s IBM Cloud account. Customer will accrue standard billing charges if not canceled after two months. Valid for new customers on new backup storage only, and cannot be applied to existing customer discounts. To ensure a successful ordering process, the customer must provision 100GB of EVault backup storage for their IBM Cloud bare metal server or virtual server instance and enter promo code EV2MO100 into the final order form. Invoice credit will be instantly applied and shown on the final customer bill.

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