App Development Done Right

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The Perfect App and IBM Cloud are helping customers make the most of an increasingly app-centric world.

It’s happened to all of us—you download an app, excited at the prospect of a new tool or game. But when you open it, it just doesn’t meet your expectations. Or worse, it crashes within moments.

For the consumer, this scenario is disappointing, but for the company behind the app, it can mean much, much more. Not only can it mean the loss of potential users; it can also mean that the time and money spent on app development may have been for nothing.

On the other hand, a well-designed app can be a boon for both businesses and consumers. For the business, it can provide an important way to drive profit and increase visibility. For the consumer, it can be a tool that makes life easier or a game that’s a perfect balance between challenging and fun.

Maximizing app value

At The Perfect App, Ltd. (TPA), we help customers maximize the value of their apps, with services that span the entire app lifecycle, including strategic consulting, development, testing, QA, hosting, and providing strategic insight using analytics on live apps.

Supporting the entire app lifecycle can present a challenge, particularly in terms of security and control. TPA’s customers are a diverse group of businesses, some with many apps created by different developers; others with only one or two very important, revenue-driving apps.

Our journey to the cloud

When The Perfect App (TPA) began offering our tools and services, our clientele was rather small, and we were able to provide a stable and reliable app development environment using a few on-premises servers. But before long, our business started to grow, and we needed a high-performance production environment that could handle hundreds of millions of events. It was time to move to the cloud.

TPA chose a combination of bare metal servers and virtual machines from IBM Cloud. This setup gives us complete control over our own IT environment and the ability to configure any setup we need, while being confident that our system is stable and safe. By using IBM Cloud, we are able to manage a large number of servers with only a few resources and minimal effort.

With IBM Cloud, TPA can keep all client data in the European Union, which is very important to us from a privacy and security standpoint. Additionally, our cloud object storage setup provides us redundancy across three sites, so if we lose access to one site, we’ve got two more as backup. That brings us and our clients great peace of mind.

Doing it all, the right way

One of the key differentiators for The Perfect App (TPA) is that we do it all. If your company is in the early stages of developing its first app, we can help you create a comprehensive strategy aimed at maximizing value. If you’ve already got a solid strategy, our security-rich development environment will let you perform testing, QA, and production deployment all at the same time. And if your app is already on the market, we can help you optimize it by analyzing usage data.

At TPA, our goal is to help our customers make the most of an increasingly app-centric world. We’re proud to offer the expertise, experience, and insight to make that happen. The IBM Cloud provides us with an environment that lets us use those strengths to their highest potential. 

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