API Connect can become your tool of choice

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API Connect can become your tool of choice

At this year’s API World, I’ll be hosting a workshop with my colleague, Marek Sadowski. Some of you will know Marek from his robot-building exercises. Our workshop will focus the power of API Connect bringing together disparate worlds for the benefit of developers.

For example, do you have various cloud-based microservices being managed under one enterprise API umbrella for discovery, security, interoperability and billing? Our workshop will demonstrate how API Connect can become your tool of choice for such a job by connecting services from different worlds – Node.js, Swift on the Server, AI and Cloud.

We’ll also show how the Node.js microservice will use Watson Speech-to-Text and Watson Text-to-Speech, with Watson Conversation Service to deliver Voice UI and improved functionality. The workshop will cover a Swift on the Server microservice management page utilizing IBM Kitura with Cloudant NoSQL DB backend –  all running on IBM Cloud.


During the workshop we will show a TJBot – a small Raspberry Pi-based robot – making an API call to the developed API and connecting it with an iOS device over the same API platform. You do not want to miss TJBot; he’s the star of our workshop!

Here’s the details on our workshop:

OPEN Talk: Building a Simplified Microservices Workflow Tuesday September 26, 2017 9:00am – 10:30am Workshop Room 3

If you’re an IoT hacker interested in Voice UI and consuming AI based services or you a mobile developer trying to monetize on APIs – you will find great takeaways from our session. Come by, say Hi!, and follow us on Twitter: @dothewww and @blumareks!

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