Another exciting year for IBM Cloud Foundry

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Another Exciting Year for IBM Cloud Foundry

IBM Cloud

2017 has been an exciting year for the IBM Cloud and the IBM Cloud Foundry compute offering. As the worlds largest Cloud Foundry installation there is always tons of customer activity and community action going on. Here are some of the highlight items from the year of IBM Cloud Foundry.


Cloud Foundry Diego – This year we upgraded to the latest version of the Open Source Cloud Foundry release, and added Diego – a new Cloud Foundry architecture with a set of capabilities that enhances the application development experience and features new capabilities for hosting and constructing cloud platforms, like IBM Cloud. You can read all the details here and here.

IBM Cloud Foundry Docker Applications – Container technology is critical to the cloud development deployment space, CF itself is built on container technology. The Diego upgrade this year offered the ability to deploy Docker Containers directly on the CF infrastructure. See a sophisticated full-featured application with advanced IBM Cloud toolchain deployment pipeline run on Cloud Foundry Diego containers.

Cloud Foundry Certification 2017 – IBM is proud to earn the Cloud Foundry Foundation 2017 PaaS Certification, an important level of cloud computing hosting for Cloud Foundry..

IBM Code – Take a moment to see the detailed Cloud journeys that pull in IBM Cloud Foundry and use that as a critical path to success for your own cloud application deployments.

IBM Server Challenge IV Virtual Reality and Cloud Foundry – Think cloud software is boring and all business? Not when you’re using IBM Cloud Foundry for some of the hottest virtual reality tech.

Build Cloud Apps In 5 Minutes with the IBM Cloud App Service – you can do a lot in 5 min: get a snack, book a Dr appointment, talk to a friend. Oh yeah, and you can deploy an entire cloud application to IBM Cloud Foundry using the IBM Cloud App Service.

IBM Cloud Private – IBM Cloud Private is focused on enabling your enterprise to make the journey to cloud, whether you’re starting with more automation to manage virtual machines or building 12-factor apps with IBM Cloud Foundry, all of the pieces are available in one packaged offering from IBM.

Cloud Solutions

European Union IBM Cloud

Data responsibility is an area in which IBM is a leader, and it has always been IBM policy that the client determines where their data is located in the cloud. IBM recently took the step to ensure data access is restricted and to give clients control over and transparency with where their data lives, who has access to it and what they can do with this access. As part of this sweeping effort, the Cloud Foundry team has staffed a complete team in Europe to ensure the IBM Cloud Foundry compute offering meets and exceeds these privacy and local hosting requirements. Lot’s more information on this here and here.

Resiliency of IBM Cloud hosted applications

The Gartner company, a major source of information technology research and advisory company, runs a web site called Cloud Harmony, that shows the operational availability of cloud hosted work loads throughout the industry. The IBM Cloud PaaS Service Status page on Cloud Harmony shows the application hosting results for the IBM Cloud Foundry compute offering.

IBM is proud of the outstanding uptime and availability for customer operational work loads shown in that tool. This greater than four 9s uptime shows the maturity of the Cloud Foundry platform, as well as the operational excellence of the IBM site reliability engineering teams.


Cloud Foundry Summit Silicon Valley & Europe – IBM had a great time participating in the Cloud Foundry  Summits this years – in Silicon Valley in June and in Switzerland in October.

IBM Cloud Foundry @ IBM Interconnect 2017 – We showcased how IBM continues to support the core mission of the Cloud Foundry Foundation in 2017 through a range of presentations and technology at IBM Interconnect 2017.

IBM Cloud Foundry Days – Amazing Cloud Foundry community outreach events in New York City and London!

Education & Research

The Foundry –  The Foundry is a web-based marketplace for those just getting started, or who want to expand their use of the platform. If you’re seeking a technology solution, learning opportunities, or help with the transition to cloud-native development – you can find what you need in The Foundry.

Cloud Foundry Certified Developer Program – Building the next generation of cloud-native developers with the Cloud Foundry Certified Developer program.

Cloud Foundry Implementation Lessons Learned – IBM Cloud is the world’s largest deployment of Cloud Foundry with more than 1 million registered users running half a million apps and hundreds of services. You don’t do all that though without learning some great lessons.

IBM Cloud Garage – The IBM Cloud Garage prescriptively combines people, places, and methodology into a creative environment that fosters innovation and rapid development. Learn more about this incredible resource your organization can leverage as they build their own Cloud Foundry-based applications.

Logistics Wizard on IBM Cloud Foundry – Logistics Wizard is a fully-featured cloud application example. IBM Cloud Foundry allows you to deliver a sophisticated application that would get your complex package delivery system working reliably and at any scale that you needed. 

Cloud Foundry 2017 User Survey – Check out the revealing Cloud Foundry Survey, seeking to understand the impact that Cloud Foundry has on businesses, people, and the application lifecycle. Get the report.

Customer Corner

Tons of customers are using IBM Cloud Foundry for their mission-critical enterprise cloud delivery. See just a few of the examples:

  • American Airlines – You thought American Airlines had fast plane service? Check out their cloud delivery speed w/IBM Cloud Foundry plus lots more detailed stories: 1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – 5 – 6 – 7

  • Altoros & IBM succeed for Unigma using IBM Cloud Foundry

  • KONE – makes elevator services truly intelligent with IBM Cloud – story here

  • Conference Cloud – Virtual attendance platform increases conference reach and revenue with IBM Cloud – story here

  • Dream Payments – Mobile payment cloud provider powers some of North America’s largest banks – story here

  • AMB Sports – Personalized fan experience through the IBM Cloud at Atlanta’s Mercedes-Benz Stadium – story here

  • Ogilvy – Ogilvy Speeds Development with Bluemix Cloud Foundry – story here

  • Cybrid Industries – Rise of the Bots (The nice chat ones) – story here

  • Bitly – Powering industry-leading link management for the enterprise with IBM Cloud technology – story here

  • Honda – Honda Drives a Connected Car Experience with IBM Cloud Foundry – story here

  • Codify Academy – Codify Academy Taps IBM Cloud with Watson to Design Cognitive Chatbot – story here

  • Bendigo Bank – Bendigo Bank uses secure cloud for rapid development and deployment – story here

  • Unigma – Unigma Builds Management Platform with IBM Cloud Foundry – story here

  • Hertz – Hertz Leads IT Transformation using IBM Cloud Foundry – story here

  • Advansolar – Bicycles made possible using the sun and the cloud – story here

  • Adelaide Bank – Adelaide Bank uses secure cloud for rapid development and deployment – story here

  • Royal Bank of Canada – Royal Bank of Canada Reduces Production Incidents by 90% with IBM Cloud Foundry – story here

  • Kaiser Permanente – Cloud Foundry is helping Kaiser Permanente build systems of engagement – story here

  • Accenture – Accenture Expands Accenture Innovation Center to help clients take advantage of rapid application Development with IBM Cloud – story here

  • Bondevalue – Building a cognitive bond with Bondevalue – story here

  • Mendix – Mendix integrated developer experience in one seamless cloud stack on IBM Cloud – story here

Plus a ton more case-studies and stories

This has been a great year for the IBM Cloud. IBM Cloud continues the push forward the innovation and contribution on the world-class PaaS Cloud Foundry application deployment technology with IBM Cloud Foundry.

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