What’s New in Db2 Data Management Console Version 3.1.8?

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We are happy to announce that IBM Db2 Data Management Console v3.1.8 is officially out.

Our focus has always been on the customer, and this release is no different. A significant chunk of the new features has been built as a direct result of our advocate team’s engagement with customers.

We have built this release around addressing a plethora of customer requirements and fixing minor gaps between the previous DSM and DMC. This release is yet another step towards our goal of providing the best database management experience through a single unified console.

New features and enhancements

  • Query Tuning: Our exciting Query Tuning feature has been a trailblazer in optimizing queries within the product. As part of this release, the Query Tuning page has been ramped up with an array of new changes. We have enhanced the user experience for viewing tuning recommendations to make it as easy as possible to review recommendations on improving a query. The recommendation report now displays the access plan summary and catalog information sections. The generated access plan graphs can include actual access path cost information to help you analyze the efficacy of the query. We also provided a way to get recommendations on converting a table from row-stored to column-stored, given a workload. Finally, the Query Index What-if analysis now displays a revised access plan graph with virtual indexes.
  • SQL editor: Our Run SQL page now features a saved scripts tab where users can easily access their saved scripts from the landing page for our SQL editor. The new auto-completion feature provides hints for schema and table names to improve the experience of writing a query from the console. Lastly, we have enhanced the process of exploring data objects.
  • Monitoring and alerts: This release includes support monitoring for non-ROS HADR databases. Users can now monitor the memory usage at the instance and database levels. We have improved the database time spent page for workloads and can provide asynchronous I/O data at the database level. Users can specify privileges for alerts so that only authorized users can view and manage alerts. Lastly, we have added an additional column so that Custom Alert script output can include the reason in addition to severity.
  • Configuration management: Users have the ability to view, compare and update DBM and DB configuration parameters across SMP, DPF, HADR and pureScale.
  • Jobs: We have implemented customized email notifications that can be based on job execution status. This release comes with the ability to delete a job while it is running. Users can convert an on-demand to a scheduled job dynamically instead of having to manually enter the previous job’s details again as a scheduled job.
  • dmctop: Finally, dmctop monitoring utility V1.0.4.1 was also released in conjunction with this update to enhance Db2 pureScale statistics at the member level.

Get started

To download IBM Db2 Data Management Console, go to the Db2 Download CenterFix Central or Db2 console DockerHub.  

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