Welcome aboard Envestnet, Difitek and SPLICE!

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Welcome aboard Envestnet, Difitek and SPLICE!

To help you get even more from IBM Cloud, we’re excited to announce three new 3rd party services to help you enhance your applications and strengthen your competitive advantage!

Here they are:

Envestnet | Yodlee  Envestnet helps you build next generation financial applications. By tapping into Envestnet’s financial data cloud, a unified Financial Data Platform API, you’ll have access to a massive repository of financial information and deep consumer data.

Highlights • Immediate access to over 16,000 data sources • Secure, Multi-Factor Authentication support • Unified Financial Data Platform API incorporates aggregation and verification work flows • Support for PSD2 regulations and Open Banking mandates easily enabling integration at scale • Users only need to provide credentials once for both aggregation and verification, enabling faster data responses

Use case(s) 


1. Credit Card Solutions empower customers with tools that surface ongoing subscription auto payments to help them avoid unsolicited or accidental surcharges.

2. Personalized Advice enables customers to save and spend money wisely by building intelligent, user-friendly solutions such as chatbots and other forms of financial guidance.

3. Payments Setup lets customers set up payments with online banking credentials – instead of requiring them to look up account and routing numbers – and reduce abandonment in the onboarding process.

4. Account Verification for Withdrawals verify the current balance of the source account prior to initiating a funds transfer from it in order to avoid delays and potentially costly non-sufficient funds (NSF) charges.

Difitek Difitek offers a modern and robust API-first platform with scalable serverless architecture, powerful integrations, intuitive Cloud Back Office and Bank Grade Security.



Highlights • Full modular infrastructure needed for online finance products and services accessible through a single online interface layer (API). • Access to end-to-end financial services functions through the API for use with Difitek’s Intelligent Connectivity Layer. • Seamless integration with 100+ third-party services

Use case(s) 1. Real Estate companies who need to provide their clients with the opportunity to invest in high quality, pre-vetted residential and mixed-use development projects alongside professional and institutional investors.

2. Organizations who need a platform that connects and supports private, public, and philanthropic investors for blended finance deals in emerging and frontier markets.

3. Compliance departments who are looking to reduce client onboarding time by leveraging an automated, real-time data verification and compliance lookup tool.

4. Companies looking to create tokens to facilitate efficient reconciliation of syndicate investments in private equity.

5. Commercial lenders who need real-time pricing and transparency of the loan process and dynamic data points from online sources.

SPLICE Pre-CAT Insurance Notifications

SPLICE Software lets you send personalized, natural-voice notifications to your customers in a timely, emotionally-relevant way.

Highlights • Gives customers in high-risk areas an early warning of an anticipated catastrophe. • Provides an expectation for how losses will be handled following the CAT event, leading to increased claims satisfaction and reducing inbound calls for status updates.

Use case(s) 


Category 5 Hurricane Problem: Policyholders in a likely hurricane path may experience severe damage from wind, rain, and lightning. A number of those losses may result in delayed claim inspections, but those with major losses will need emergency housing. In response, Pre-CAT Notifications are sent to region-specific policyholders, alerting them to the potential for significant losses and helping them to keep safe.

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