We Have Seen the Future and It Is Sustainable

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The IBM Center for Cloud Training has training programs and professional certifications to help keep cloud professionals as efficient and up to date as the technologies they manage.

Let’s talk big.

Big opportunities. Big goals. Big numbers.

When it comes to sustainability and the environment—two of the biggest challenges of our time-—IBM has a plan. And the IBM Center for Cloud Training (ICCT) can play a big role in supporting IBM’s path—and yours—for the future.  

We believe, as the 2022 IBM ESG report “The Pursuit of a Better Future for All” says, in the ability of “hybrid cloud and other technologies to assist clients with managing their climate-related risks.” We are innovating evolving, and contributing as fast as we can, with IBM CEO Arvind Krishna saying, “advancing our environmental, social and governance goals is a continuous journey of improvement.”

Moving ahead with sustainable technologies

Today, the cloud is growing fast, and its efficiencies and benefits for business are well known. The very concept of public cloud computing, in fact, is based on efficiency and shared resources. In this way, fewer resources are underutilized—so cloud computing requires fewer resources than individual data centers.

But cloud’s concern for the environment does not stop with efficiency. With a goal of reaching NetZero by 2030, IBM Cloud data centers are driven by IBM’s 21 Key Environmental Initiatives. By the year 2025, 75% of the energy IBM Cloud worldwide data centers procure will be from renewable sources, and we have already met this goal in the EU, where 100% of data centers operate through renewable energy certificates. IBM Cloud will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 65% and improve data center cooling efficiency by 20%.

Training professionals for a sustainable world

So, with cloud growing and its supporting infrastructure changing, who will keep it going? This is where ICCT comes in. We have training programs and professional certifications designed to keep cloud professionals as efficient and up to date as the technologies they manage—regardless of whether they work at IBM, with our Business Partners or for our clients.

It is part of the IBM commitment to train 30 million people with new skills required for the jobs of tomorrow by 2030. This includes IBM’s mission to make training available to people who have been historically underrepresented, including women, people of color and a global audience once far removed (geographically, technologically) from learning opportunities.

Expanding our reach in support of sustainability

As we move into the future together—and as we work to help ensure a more stable future for everyone—ICCT has been busy with some big projects. Here is a rundown of what we have accomplished in just the past year.

New certifications at the highest level:

  • IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions Specialty prepares professionals to design, build and run VMware environments on IBM Cloud using existing tools, technologies and skills.
  • IBM Cloud for SAP Specialty helps prepare organizations to migrate and run SAP and its associated applications in the cloud, enabling faster time to value, shifting capital expense to operating expense and improving resilience and scalability.
  • IBM Cloud DevSecOps Specialty gives professionals skills to create a modern DevSecOps cycle rather than applying security as a separate process at the end of development. 

New resources for career decisions:

  • Cloud Compass is ICCT’s new tool for figuring out which training is right for individuals by matching their expertise and goals with ICCT certification programs.
  • IBM Cloud Prep gives learners materials like study guides, flashcards and practice quizzes to help them study for—and pass—exams for IBM Cloud certifications.
  • Second Chance gives candidates an opportunity to retake an ICCT Cloud certification exam for free if they do not pass on the first attempt.

New ways to demonstrate skills:

  • ICCT Badges give professionals a new way to show their accomplishments and verify their skills along the path to certification.

A popular way to learn fast:

  • ICCT Study Jams are intensive, online review programs that require only two hours a day over three days. Recently, 1,200 candidates prepared for certification with our Professional Architect Study Jam. Be part of the upcoming June Technical Advocate Study Jam and IBM Cloud for SAP Study Jam. Watch for more information.

Hybrid cloud can be an enabler to drive sustainability initiatives. It is the underpinning to reporting and changing operations, allowing organizations to tap into data. Developing your skills in cloud enables you to make that difference.

Fitting with our other sustainability programs

While these programs we discussed may be unique to ICCT, other programs from IBM are valuable to know about:

  • IBM Sustainability Accelerator, a pro bono social impact program that applies IBM technologies like hybrid cloud to help populations that are especially vulnerable to environmental threats.
  • Responsible Computing and Green IT initiatives that use energy-efficient infrastructures and software for hybrid cloud and other technologies.
  • Fundamentals of Sustainability and Technology shows how data analytics, artificial intelligence (AI), and hybrid cloud computing are revolutionizing ways that humans support each other, while protecting Earth’s resources.

Get started with the IBM Center for Cloud Training

Join us as we support a sustainable world. Make an impact. The future is not only coming—it is here today.

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