Watson Studio Plan Updates

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Upcoming updates to the Lite and Enterprise plans of IBM Watson Studio.

Lite plan modifications

Starting May 17, 2020, if you are a current IBM Watson Studio Cloud Lite plan user, we encourage you to more closely monitor your compute resources. Our free compute environment with 1vCPU and 4GB RAM will now consume 0.5 capacity units per hour. In addition, our larger compute environments and project export will now be reserved for our Standard and Enterprise users. The availability of remote runtimes will be restricted to our Enterprise users.

Enterprise plan updates

We're excited to announce that effective April 1, 2020, our Watson Studio Cloud Enterprise plans will now serve double the number of authorized users at a discounted overage rate.  As our community of clients continues to invest in growing their data science teams, we want to help them get there.  

Our Enterprise plans will now support teams of 10 rather than 5, and we will reduce the overage rate from $0.50 USD to $0.40 USD per additional capacity hour. We've also gone ahead and cut the cost of adding additional users by half. 

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We continue to encourage all users to monitor their resources and ensure that the number of authorized users aligns with our plan tiers to provide an optimal user experience and AI journey on Watson Studio.  

To keep up to date on the latest with Watson Studio and further details on upgrade plan instructions, check out our "What's new" page.

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