AT TOKYO Connects to IBM Cloud to Support Mission-Critical Applications

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An IBM Cloud and AT TOKYO collaboration

As interest in adopting the latest cloud services, such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things(IoT) increases, so too does the need for improved network security and connectivity for your cloud environments. Leveraging IBM Cloud‘s collaboration with AT TOKYO, businesses can more easily adopt these services and manage their hybrid cloud strategy with a secure connection to the cloud over the private network.

AT TOKYO in the Direct Link Service Provider Program

Earlier this year, AT TOKYO and IBM announced our collaboration through the IBM Cloud Direct Link Service Provider Program. AT TOKYO customers are now able to connect to the IBM Cloud with highly flexible bandwidth and configurations to meet the evolving demands of customers.

Why AT TOKYO and IBM Cloud?

ATBeX ServiceLink, AT TOKYO’s new network platform for supporting business growth via cross-connection, enables enterprises to seamlessly connect to on-premises environments. This service, paired with IBM Cloud and AT TOKYO’s data centers, helps facilitate both hybrid- and multi-cloud connectivity. Through the launch of this service with IBM Cloud, enterprises can experience significantly enhanced connectivity in the high-growth Tokyo metropolitan area.

ATBeX ServiceLink for IBM Cloud supports our IBM Cloud Direct Link Exchange service, which offers multi-tenant connections for connecting clients to our private network with maximum security and flexibility. By leveraging shared bandwidth and scalable port speeds from 50Mbps to 1Gbps offered by the Direct Link Exchange service, customers can seamlessly build a more flexible and efficient network, regardless of the amount of bandwidth required.

Get Started

When connected to the cloud, we’re confident that our collaboration will provide simplified networking that enables enterprises to focus on adopting the latest technologies. We look forward to our expanded growth and continued collaboration with AT TOKYO. Learn more about our collaboration and ATBeX ServiceLink with AT TOKYO on the AT TOKYO website.

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