Three Reasons to Check Out IBM Demos

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IBM Demos is changing the technical exploration model.

If you’ve ever been in a software product briefing, you all know what I mean by “Death by Presentation.” A very small improvement to that is a briefing with a poorly presented demo—and sadly, there are many of those as well. Fortunately, you don’t need to worry about either of those anymore with the introduction of IBM Demos.

What is IBM Demos?

It is my pleasure to be able to introduce you to IBM Demos, a place for technical practitioners to get hands-on experience with a wide set of IBM capabilities. IBM Demos is the premiere destination to explore, learn, and try out a variety of IBM products and solutions. It’s open to everyone; companies large and small, whether you have an existing relationship with IBM, or you just want to kick the tires for the first time.

IBM Demos has been seeing a great uptick in traffic throughout our Beta and will be generally available on July 10, 2019. But why wait? Start using IBM Demos today!

Three reasons to try IBM Demos

In this short blog post, I want to share three reasons why you should invest a few minutes to explore IBM Demos.

IBM Demos

1. High-quality technical content

I know you will be impressed when you start exploring the assets contained within IBM Demos. We have a team of some of IBM’s brightest subject matter experts involved in creating the content behind the solutions you’ll find on the site. These are technical practitioners who have, collectively, spent decades with clients solving some of their most challenging problems. They have taken all of that knowledge and combined it with their in-depth subject matter expertise to distill it into a medium that it’s easy for others to consume. By using these demo assets, you can learn firsthand how our solution capabilities have been put to use to solve these business challenges.

The content is presented in a variety of formats to assist you; no matter where you are in your exploration journey:

  • Demo videos: These videos are intentionally kept relatively short so that you can see the most important aspects of the solution without committing a significant investment of your time. Let me be clear though, these are not just high-level overviews. These are technical demo videos made by technical practitioners for technical practitioners.
  • Product tours: These are simulated product experiences that walk you through a prescribed scenario that demonstrates how you could address a specific business problem. Product tours include an integrated tutorial to guide you through that business use case.
  • Hands-on labs: These labs give you access to a full solution experience, complete with software, hardware, and demo data to get you started. All you have to do is allocate some time. These assets provide a scenario and detailed set of instructions to guide you through the lab, but since you have full access to the solution, you also have the freedom to explore other solution features on your own.

2. Powerful search to find what you need

Since IBM has a deep and wide set of capabilities available, we wanted to make sure IBM Demos provided an intuitive way for you to find what you’re looking for. Out of the gate, we allow for free text search as well as a number of ways to filter and narrow down the result set to find the perfect demo.

We also provide several common ways to browse assets by solution area, product, and author. As we continue to enhance the platform, we’ll be adding additional solutions and addressing specific industry use cases, all of which will become other ways to discover exactly what you need.

3. It’s FREE!

Yes, you heard right. IBM Demos is available at no cost to our users. We feel so strongly about giving you the ability to explore IBM technologies and know how critical it is to your buying decision that we don’t want anything to be a barrier to entry. We want you to see our capabilities in action and are confident that you will not be disappointed.

Seeing is believing—give it a try

As the IBM Demos tagline states, “Seeing is Believing.” I hope you don’t just take my word for it and will try IBM Demos out for yourself. After you do, please feel free to reach out to me directly with your comments or questions. As always, I’m available @TalkToErik.

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