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To support our customers and help them maintain business continuity during this difficult period, IBM is offering, at no cost, a $1,500 USD credit for IBM Cloud Object Storage for 90 days.

To help our clients ensure business continuity, we want to make it easier to securely store your data in the cloud and access when you need it the most. IBM Cloud is offering a $1,500 USD credit—at no cost—over a 90-day period, to store data in IBM Cloud Object Storage. This promotional offer needs to be activated before December 31, 2021.

IBM Cloud Object Storage is a push-button deployed cloud storage service and is available in IBM Cloud global data centers. It offers leading data protection, high durability, and fast access to your data. You can use it to store and protect data with easy-to-use management features to organize your data and to configure finely tuned access controls.

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Starting immediately, we are offering new clients and current clients with new storage workloads a $1,500 USD credit to be applied over a 90-day period, to store their data in IBM Cloud Object Storage. This is a monthly equivalent of 10TBs of storage, 1 million write requests, 10 million read requests and 2TBs of public egress (if downloading data is needed). These numbers can vary based on unique needs, such as how much data is stored, downloaded and how often it is accessed.

This offer can be redeemed digitally in four simple steps

This offer is subject to availability and is valid for the IBM Cloud Object Storage Standard pay-as-you-go Pricing Plan, with one use per customer. Be sure to activate the promotional code to get the credit within the 90-day period. The $1,500 USD credit is for use with this offer only, and it is not to be applied to other offers. This offer cannot be applied to data stored in IBM Cloud Object Storage Archive tier.

Need more storage? We understand every situation is unique. For additional assistance or more information please contact an IBM Cloud sales representative by choosing the “Let’s Talk” button pinned at the bottom right of this page.

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