Skytap on IBM Cloud: Data Center Expansion and IBM Cloud Catalog

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Skytap support for IBM Power Systems is now offered in the IBM Cloud data center in Toronto, Canada.

Skytap on IBM Cloud’s environments technology accelerates application development, simplifies management, and reduces IT costs, enabling customers worldwide to modernize x86 and Power workloads at the pace of their business.

Since 2015, IBM Cloud has offered Skytap in multiple regions around the globe. Today, in addition to the existing Power regions in Dallas and London, we now offer Power workload support in Toronto. This is exciting news for our Canadian clients who need to meet data sovereignty requirements.

Skytap is the latest addition to the expanding IBM Cloud Catalog

Clients can now begin using Skytap through a tile in the Compute section of the IBM Cloud Catalog. This self-service capability creates and provides access to the Skytap console with single sign-on (SSO).

The usage-based services for x86, Power, and Storage are available in the Paygo plan in the Catalog. Committed and Reserved plans remain available through your IBM Seller.

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