Setting up Distribution Lists for IBM Cloud Notifications

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Continuing to add useful enhancements to the IBM Cloud platform is our top priority.

Have you ever wanted to notify a fixed set of people about important events impacting your account? You can now specify a list of up to 10 email addresses that will receive notifications that are targeted to your account. See Adding users to a distribution list for more details.

Why should I use a distribution list?

Email addresses that are added to the distribution list will receive announcements, security bulletins, notifications about incidents, and any other communication directly targeted to the account attached to the distribution list. The distribution list is an effective way to organize and notify a subset of people.

Tip: The email addresses that you include in the distribution list don’t necessarily have to be to owners of an IBM Cloud account. For example, you might want to add a PagerDuty email address.

Figure 1. The Distribution list page in the IBM Cloud console.

Figure 1. The Distribution list page in the IBM Cloud console.

What happens if I no longer need to receive certain notifications?

At any point in time, there is an option to unsubscribe from the list. The link to unsubscribe can be found in the footer of each email sent from this distribution list.

Can any user add email addresses to a distribution list?

Certain permissions are required to create a distribution list. You must be the owner of the account associated with the distribution list or have the editor role or higher on the account management service. See Assigning access to account management services for more details.

We hope this has a positive impact on your experience with notifications on IBM Cloud. As always, we would love to hear your feedback about this latest enhancement to the notification experience.  Feel free reach out on to our Offering Manager on Twitter (@ketcomp) or let us know what you think by going to IBM Cloud - Structured ideas to leave your feedback.

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