RStudio and SPSS Modeler Env Size Increase

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SPSS Modeler and RStudio environments in Watson Studio get an upgrade. 

An environment definition defines the hardware and software configuration to run tools. With environments, you can determine the compute resources to be used by tools, jobs, or an IDE like RStudio in Watson Studio.

For IBM SPSS Modeler, the new environment will be a 4 vCPU 16 GB RAM environment and consume 2 capacity units per hour (CUH). The previous 2 vCPU 8GB RAM environment at 1 capacity unit per hour will no longer be available. This change means all SPSS Modeler users on Watson Studio Cloud will see much better performance. 

For RStudio, we have already offered a collection of new, larger environment sizes, such as a 4vCPU 16GB RAM environment. We will remove the smallest 1 vCPU environment. 

Here are the dates you need to know

  • Announcement for R Studio and SPSS Modeler environment size increases: August 13, 2019
  • Removal date for smallest environments: September 12, 2019

You can read more about capacity unit hours and environments in the documentation. 

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