Real-Time Meets Data Lake: Stream Your Apache Kafka Data to Object Storage

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IBM Cloud now supports the real-time streaming of your data from IBM Event Streams to IBM Cloud Object Storage. 

We call this capability Stream Landing. Configurable with just a few clicks, you can now stream your data in real-time from a topic to a bucket of your choice. As our clients build their next-generation platforms and event-driven architectures, taking advantage of real-time data feeds from a variety of sources is increasingly crucial to their success. Archiving these real-time feeds into IBM Cloud Object Storage is a great way to extract more value as you build intelligent applications that require a larger history of events. Previously, this was a self-managed capability with an open-source Kafka Connector provided by IBM, but it is now enhanced as a fully managed offering.

IBM Cloud SQL Query is our key component in the Stream Landing approach. It is the service that connects to IBM Event Streams and copies the data to Cloud Object Storage. SQL Query is built from the ground up to work with data in object storage and, as such, our Stream Landing capability benefits from all our work to ensure that your data is laid out in Parquet format, with the right hive-style partitioning to enable efficient analytics on the new objects created.

With a simple capacity metric, you are charged by the hour for each Stream Landing job, enabling you to stream a single topic to a single bucket and then scale up as your workload increases.

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Today, we're making Stream Landing generally available in the us-south Cloud region. Throughout the next weeks, we'll add this capability to all regions of SQL Query.

For more information on building your event driven and data lake architecture, see the following:

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