PSD2 and Open Banking: What’s Next for IBM?

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Introducing an exciting new partnership with Yapily.

The IBM portfolio includes a broad range of technologies that underpin the backbone of the financial system. These technologies are at the base of the PSD2 APIs that are exposed by many banks across Europe. 

Even though the PSD2 regulation applies only to Europe, open banking technologies are being embraced across the globe and are widely expected to transform the way in which we pay for goods and manage our finances. Many of our customers are ready to move beyond compliance and exploit the new ecosystem that’s promoted by the regulators. 

IBM’s approach to PSD2

As part of IBM's commitment to enable innovation, which is built on the foundation of secure and scalable platforms, we’re embedding the offerings of a group of fintech organisations into our solutions.

In particular, in the integration space, we’re pleased to announce a new partnership with Yapily. The integration between IBM App Connect and Yapily's APIs will help our customers to create account information and payment initiation services. And ultimately, that will help them gain a competitive advantage in this rapidly changing ecosystem. 

Why we chose Yapily

Yapily’s API technology enables clients to connect to all banks through a single gateway. Yapily’s API automatically normalises the data, allows real-time programmatic monitoring of each bank’s endpoint, and presents this data in a single interface. Both payments and account information functionality are available from hundreds of banks via Yapily.

As an enterprise middleware platform, it has optional data storage, scalable infrastructure, and best-in-class live monitoring. Coupled with expert support and guidance, Yapily accelerates the transformation of all fintech end products.  

What you’ll get with IBM App Connect

IBM App Connect is a market-leading integration solution that uses a configuration-based tooling that enables users across a business to quickly connect data coming from heterogeneous sources.

App Connect takes care of infrastructure concerns transparently and allows you to focus on building business logic. App Connect also provides hundreds of native connectors to third-party SaaS and on-premises systems.

By using these connectors, your whole team can create integration flows—even members without a deep knowledge of application platforms and business domains. Users can mix and match capabilities to solve everything from simple business issues to extremely complex integration challenges.

App Connect is available as a managed service, or you can deploy it in any environment across your cloud or on-premise infrastructure. This choice gives you the flexibility to run your integration components close to applications and data stores to increase performance, lower latency times, and save costs through efficiency.

A world of opportunity with App Connect and Yapily 

If you’re interested in using PSD2 and open banking APIs to improve your services or launch new products, the combination of App Connect and Yapily creates a world of opportunity. Together, they give you the best tooling for integrating account information and payment initiation with your own data sources and processes.

To learn more about the possibilities with IBM App Connect, visit the App Connect website.

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