Onboard Your Operator in the IBM Cloud Catalog in Days

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With the rapidly expanding partner ecosystem, it's important that we aim to provide a seamless, secure, powerful and self-served experience to make your products available in the IBM Cloud catalog. 

The IBM Cloud team is excited to announce the support for third-party vendors to onboard Operators in the catalog. This capability is supported by our beta release of IBM Cloud Partner Center | Sell and our previously general availability release of private catalog capabilities. We've been working closely with a couple of key vendors to ensure we deliver a seamless experience for all vendors to onboard Operators, while meeting business and technical requirements, in a self-served, less-than-seven-days process. Be on the lookout for those new Operators making an appearance in the catalog within the next couple of days:

Figure 1: Catalog entry details in the Partner Center UI.

Figure 1: Catalog entry details in the Partner Center UI.

Ready to get started?

Explore all the software products that we have to offer before deciding to onboard your own. When you're ready, you can easily start the onboarding process. Simply review our getting started with software tasks, get added to a dedicated access list and complete the onboarding tasks. Then, you're ready to submit your request to publish your Operator to the catalog. 

You are notified when your request is approved, and then you can publish your Operator with the click of a button. If you get stuck or have any questions about the process, you can take advantage of our team of onboarding specialists that's ready to help. 

Figure 2: The workflow for onboarding software to the IBM Cloud catalog.

You can also use the tutorial series we've put together for help with onboarding your Operator:

  1. Define your product details.
  2. Onboard your Operator.
  3. Publish your Operator.

What's next?

The enhanced support for onboarding Operators is only the first of many enhancements we are bringing to the partner onboarding ecosystem. Be on the lookout for a streamlined, enhanced onboarding flow for virtual server images coming out later this month. And stay tuned for many more enhancements rolling out in the coming months. 

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