IBM Object Storage beta for Bluemix is now available!

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IBM Object Storage beta for Bluemix is now available!

The IBM Bluemix Object Storage beta provides a storage service that enables developers to store their unstructured data and build applications around their data content. Bluemix developers and their application users can access and store unstructured data content with the new Object Storage service. The service helps developers interactively compose and connect object storage to applications and services on the Bluemix Platform and from external applications.


The new service provides the following key benefits and features:

  • Service dashboard UI for object management

  • Object browser , drag-and-drop upload and download from your desktop.

  • Industry adopted OpenStack Swift API and SDKs to access your object store

  • Compose and bind to your object files in your Bluemix application

  • Service keys to access and use Object Storage with external apps and services

  • OpenStack Keystone identity and authentication

  • Security isolation for each object storage instance within your Bluemix account.

Below is a short video introduction to the Object Storage service:

Watch the video (00:00)

Closer look at the Object Storage service

The new Object Storage service dashboard lets users quickly create and manage their Object Storage containers, view usage, and manage object files stored in their object containers:

Closer look at the Object Storage service

IBM Object Storage for Bluemix uses OpenStack Identity (Keystone) v3 for authentication and can be accessed directly by using OpenStack Object Storage (Swift) API v1 calls. IBM Object Storage can be bound to a Bluemix application or accessed from outside a Bluemix application.

If you want to use Object Storage in a bound context, the cloud credentials are provided indirectly through the application binding process. After you successfully bind a service instance to your application, a configuration similar to the following example is added to your VCAP_SERVICES environment variable:

Object Storage

You can access the credentials via the application dashboard view of a “bound” Object Store instance as shown below:


Get Started Today!

The IBM Bluemix Object Storage service is available today in beta and will evolve in 2016 to meet the growing needs for cloud data store for development, test and production usage for all of your unstructured data content. Try out the beta to get started today! For more details, please see the blog post Getting Started with IBM Object Storage for Bluemix.

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