New Updates to Push Service on IBM Cloud

2 min read

We now provide a Lite plan, monitoring and web notifications for our Push service on IBM Cloud.

The following are the new updates available for Push service on IBM Cloud.

Lite Plan: We are introducing a new Lite Plan in addition to the existing Basic Plan for Push Service. As per the new plan the users can send up to hundred thousand digital messages for free per month. While upgrading from Lite plan to basic plan, the user is charged after one million digital messages. The count to one million messages starts when the Lite plan is upgraded to the basic plan.

Monitoring: You can now get insights on notifications sent and devices registered in the Push Service Console. You can also use REST API's for message level tracking. From message delivery to message dispatching to message receipt, the details can be obtained by configuring webhooks. See Monitoring for Push.

Web Notifications: You can now send notifications to Safari Web browsers.

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