New in the Security and Compliance Center: Control Where Your Data Is Stored and Processed

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We’re taking another step forward in our mission to help you achieve continuous security and compliance by giving you more control over the privacy of your data.

Organizations in many industries — such as financial institutions — are required to meet policies and controls that ensure that they are abiding by regulatory compliance obligations. These highly regulated institutions, along with the providers that service them, are required to maintain a secure framework to validate the standards that they must meet. With the IBM Cloud Security and Compliance Center, you can ensure that you're meeting the data privacy requirements set by governments and institutions by controlling the location in which your data is stored and processed.

What kind of data is gathered or generated by the service?

When you work with the Security and Compliance Center, data is gathered or generated when your resources are scanned. The data can be configuration data (information that is gathered about the configuration of your resources) or results data (the information that is generated during a scan of your resources).

Where can I store my data?

By default, the data that is generated by the Security and Compliance Center is stored and processed in the United States. If your organization needs to address specific geographical data privacy requirements, you can change the location to either the United Kingdom or the European Union:

sccc data

Note: With the exception of rule and template configurations, the configurations in your current location are scheduled for removal and scans are stopped when you change your location. You must reconfigure all of your settings in the new location to continue working. Any data that is available in your current location is automatically deleted after a period of time. 

How do I get started?

If you're already using the Security and Compliance Center to monitor your current posture, you can change your location in the Data Settings tab of the service UI. But, before you do, be sure that you have the correct IAM policies in place:


New to the Security and Compliance Center? Try walking through our step-by-step tutorial to get started. Or, to learn more about managing your locations, see "Storing your data."


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