New IBM Watson Knowledge Catalog Governance Artifacts Capabilities on IBM Cloud

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Starting April 16, 2021, Watson Knowledge Catalog customers on IBM Cloud will have access to the following new governance capabilities delivered by IBM Cloud Pak® for Data as a Service.

  • Assign IBM Watson Knowledge Catalog service roles and permissions in IAM to control which users can perform which actions.
  • Use categories to organize all your governance artifacts and the users who can view and manage those artifacts.
  • Create your own classifications.
  • Create your own data classes.
  • Define more relationships between governance artifacts.
  • Create reference data sets to define values for specific types of columns that can be used as data-matching criteria for a data class.
  • Create governance rules to provide a description of your governance criteria.

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For complete information on the new governance capabilities, how to upgrade to the new experience and to determine when these capabilities are available in your region, please see What’s new.

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