New Features in IBM Cloud Foundry Enterprise Environment v4.0.0

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Larger application cell space, number of cells per zone, and much more.

We've released v4.0 of IBM Cloud Foundry Enterprise Environment (CFEE), and there are some great new features and capabilities now available. This post will highlight some of them below.

Larger application cell space

Instances can now be created using 8x32 cells (8 vCPUs, 32 GB RAM), allowing more space for customers running applications. The 4x16 cells are still a choice but they cannot be mixed or changed later (without redeploying a new instance).

Larger number of cells per zone

Instances can now contain up to 16 cells per zone. In a multi-zone region (MZR) containing three zones, this means that an environment instance can contain as many as 48 cells distributed evenly across the three zones. With a total of 48 cells across an MZR, the total application deployment space of an environment instance is now 1,536 GBs.

Larger per-application disk quota

The per-application disk quota has been raised from 2 GB to 4 GB, allowing larger application sizes to be deployed.

Cloud controller time increased

The Cloud Foundry cloud controller timeout has been increased from 180 seconds (three minutes) to 600 seconds (ten minutes). This limit was raised to avoid timeouts when pushing very large applications.

Cloud Foundry version updated

Cloud Foundry has been updated to cf-deployment 6.10. Please see the Cloud Foundry Release Notes for information on changes in Cloud Foundry. As CF Enterprise gets a version of Cloud Foundry from SUSE SCF, see also the relevant SCF Release Notes.

Note: There are a couple important notes regarding this release; please see the documentation for more information.

Getting started with CFEE v4.0

To get started with v4.0 of IBM Cloud Foundry Enterprise Environment (CFEE), you can deploy a new Cloud Foundry Enterprise Environment

If you already have one, you can upgrade your environment to this version by going to the Updates and Scaling page in the Cloud Foundry Enterprise's user interface and clicking Update.

Consult the release notes and the documentation for details on how to use all these new features.

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