New Features in IBM Cloud Foundry Enterprise Environment v3.2.0

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We've released v3.2 of IBM Cloud Foundry Enterprise Environment (CFEE), and there are some great new features and capabilities now available.

This post will highlight some of the new features and capabilities below.

Multiple control plane node sizes

You can now provision an IBM Cloud Foundry Enterprise Environment (CFEE) instance with larger machine type of size 8x32 for the control plane. This will allow for high volume and network intensive loads against user memory cells as they execute applications. This will also pave the way for additional env scale opportunities in future releases. All memory cell nodes will remain at the previous size of 4x16.

Expanded user memory nodes

You can now provision an IBM Cloud Foundry Enterprise Environment instance with up to 16 cells of type 4x16 per control plane node. A single zone instance which has 2 control plane nodes can have a total of 32 cells, totaling 512GB total memory, while a three-zone control plane instance in an MZR instance can have up to 48 cells, totaling 768GB total memory.

Environment monitoring enhancements

Enhancements have been made to the monitoring toolset. Access to Prometheus, Prometheus AlertManager and Grafana no longer require Kubernetes port forwarding. Federation of the Prometheus server is enabled. Additional Prometheus alerts have been added for situations, including unhealthy Diego cells and excessive database connections.

Automatic Kubernetes updates

Updates will now include updating of the underlying IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service component, and no manual prerequisite Kubernetes cluster update will be required before the update continues.

Getting started with this release

To get started, you can deploy a new Cloud Foundry Enterprise Environment. If you already have one, you can upgrade your environment to this version by going to the Updates and Scaling page in the CFEE’s user interface and clicking Update.

Consult the documentation for details on how to use all these new features.

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