New Feature: IBM Cloud Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) Generally Available

2 min read

IBM Cloud VPC is now generally available in the Dallas, Frankfurt and Tokyo regions.

Designed for cloud-native workloads, IBM Cloud Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) is a brand-new experience to manage virtual machine-based compute, storage, and networking resources in a private, secure space you define. VPC is fully integrated into the IBM Cloud platform, including integration with IBM Cloud Identity and Access Manager (IAM) and the support of resource groups and tagging. VPC infrastructure is also fully supported by the IBM Cloud CLI, and infrastructure as code support is available via a Terraform provider.

We developed an all new API to manage VPC infrastructure resources. This REST-based API is aligned to the rest of the industry, easing integration into existing applications and tool sets. In addition, the UI experience conveniently shows API requests and responses to accelerate your adoption. You can also use the command line to access the new API. Click on the new VPC Infrastructure option in the IBM Cloud Console to get started.

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