New Cloud Functions UI Enhancements

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Updated Trigger and Action Management, as well as Sequence support within the Functions UI

The IBM Cloud Function UI is updated to include new functionality which allows for easier Action, Sequence, and Trigger management. The following areas of the UI are updated to provide a more flexible environment to work with your IBM Cloud Functions entities.

New UI pages: Create, Triggers, and Actions

A new master Create page is now available, which allows for the creation of Actions, Sequences, and Triggers.

In addition to the new Create page, a new Triggers page is available which allows users to find their existing triggers, information about those triggers, and click on a Trigger to deep dive into that trigger to help manage it. Managing a trigger includes viewing and connecting Actions to that Trigger, updating the triggers default parameters, and viewing the endpoint information about it.

Users can now create and work with Sequences by using the new Actions page. From there, you can simply click on an Action to open the management view for that Action. You can then go to the “Enclosing Sequences” tab where you can now add the Action you are managing into an already existing sequence. Alternatively, users can also click on an existing sequence (or create a new one), and in the management view of that Sequence you are able to now reorder sequence entities and add or delete new entities into that sequence.

Note: The functionality previously available through the Develop tab can now be found in the new Actions and Trigger management views.

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