MQ on IBM Cloud Version 9.1 Has Landed

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MQ on IBM Cloud version 9.1

MQ on IBM Cloud will be automatically upgrading queue managers to v9.1 on September 11, 2018, but you can upgrade your service instance manually by following the steps here. We’re continuously developing and improving the service in all aspects, and this version is no different.

IBM MQ v9.1 includes the following features:

  • The ability to configure your channels with Mutual TLS to provide enhanced security for data in transit

  • The option to enable Advanced Message Security, an advanced capability that encrypts individual messages as they flow through the system

  • An upgrade to v9.0.5r2 queue managers to pick up security fixes and runtime performance improvements

  • Greater visual clarity with regards to your queue manager deployment through an animation that represents the rough estimation of the remaining deployment time

  • Enhancements to the Guided Tour to allow it to continue if you decide to explore off the beaten track

Why not spin up a trial queue manager and see what’s new today?

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