Liberty for Java Buildpack Now Contains Two Liberty Production Runtimes

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Changes to the Liberty for Java buildpack

The Liberty runtime is moving from a quarterly to a four-week release cycle. As a result, the buildpack will release new functions and fixes quicker.

Users of the Liberty for Java buildpack will notice a few changes to the Liberty versions packaged with the buildpack:

  1. The buildpack will now contain an additional production version of Liberty. It will continue to provide the latest release but will also provide a constant default version for approximately three months.

  2. The monthly beta version of Liberty will no longer be part of the Liberty for Java buildpack.

Why are we making these changes?

Customers will be able to choose how quickly they adopt new features.  Those that want to use the latest features can do so by setting two environment variables (see below). In contrast, customers that want to move up at a slower pace can continue to use the default. In order to not increase the size of the buildpack, the monthly beta version of Liberty has been removed in favor of the latest production version.

What does this mean for me?

Customers that are currently using the monthly beta will now obtain the monthly beta directly from WASdevand develop and test locally.

Do I lose stability with a four-week Liberty runtime release?

No, all four-week Liberty releases are considered GA releases. We hold all releases to the same quality standards as the previous quarterly releases. For customers who prefer to update their runtime less frequently, the buildpack will continue to provide the default release for approximately three months. For example, in 2019, the buildpack will provide as the default runtime until March 2019. At that time, the default Liberty runtime will become and will continue to be the default until June 2019.

How do I use the latest four-week release?

Two environment variables must be set in order to change the default Liberty runtime to the four-week release:



JBP_CONFIG_LIBERTY = 'version: +'


You can set the environment variables in the manifest.yml or by using the ibmcloud cf set-env command.

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