Large Discounts on SAP-Certified Servers, Bare Metal Servers, or Virtual Servers with IBM Cloud

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Introducing reserved capacity offerings on IBM Cloud.

Customers with large workloads, such as SAP, know the size of their workloads (or can, at least, predict them). Here at IBM, we understand that you need guaranteed capacity for these types of workloads. 

To meet this need, we have introduced reserved capacity offerings. When a customer orders reserved offerings, they make a one- or three-year commitment to buy a certain fixed configuration of SAP-Certified Servers, Bare Metal Servers, or Virtual Servers. To reward customers for a long-term commitment, IBM Cloud guarantees capacity and the customers receive a large discount on these offerings.


We have made several different configurations for your immediate consumption. For SAP HANA workloads, you can now select from eight configurations for a discount of 30% to 55% over on-demand pricing. These configurations can support small to large SAP HANA workloads.

If a customer orders a general-purpose bare metal server, they can get a discount of 11% to 45% over on-demand pricing.

For virtual servers, the discounts can be as much as 62% compared to on-demand pricing. You can reserve up to 20 servers and capacity is guaranteed for the duration of the commitment.

Ordering reserved capacity

Ordering reserved capacity is easy, and you can complete order in minutes. There is no need to engage anyone from our sales team.

These servers are a great way to reduce cost on your workloads for which you were going to pay anyways. To make things easier, please note that you do not have to make any up-front payments. You pay month-to-month, just as you would for all our on-demand offerings.

We realize you may need other offerings along with reserve capacity. You can always add storage, network, or third-party software available through our catalog. However, the discounted pricing is only applicable to reserved packages and list price would apply to all other offerings.

To order, please visit the IBM Cloud Catalog.

Future updates

If the types of configuration we currently offer do not meet your needs, please continue to monitor our reserved offerings because we intend to continue to expand our reserved configurations. As we enhance our reserve offerings, we will continue to add some of the latest generation of servers with state-of-the-art technology and storage. If you are focused on looking for cheaper servers, another way you can reduce cost of your workloads is to check out our specials on servers. Please go to our “Specials” catalog page to order discounted servers.

What to watch out for

These large discounts do need customers to be sure that they are confident about their needs because we do not allow any cancellations on these contracts. Also, these are fixed workloads and cannot be customized. Furthermore, since these are large discounts, please note that we do not allow any other discounts or promotion with these offerings. However, you may be able to secure discounts on other offerings you buy from the catalog.

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