Kafka Monthly Digest: January 2019

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What happened in the Kafka community in January 2019?


There were no new releases in January but Matthias J. Sax started the process for version 2.2.0. As always, the release plan is available on the wiki. The current target date for GA is the February 28, 2019.

At the same time, Colin McCabe started the process for bugfix release 2.1.1. Since 2.1.0, the community fixed over 30 issues, including three blocker JIRAs. Check out the wiki if you are interested in the full release plan.


Last month, the community submitted 13 KIPs (KIP-412 to KIP-424). These are the ones that caught my eye:

KIP-412: Extend Admin API to support dynamic application log levels In order to quickly debug an issue with a Kafka cluster, it’s important to be able to retrieve logs of the affected components. While Kafka already allows you to change log levels at runtime, it’s currently only possible via JMX, and it is relatively hard to do (especially if you’ve never done it before and your cluster is burning!). The goal of this KIP is to provide an easy mechanism via the AdminClient API to dynamically adjust log levels.

KIP-415: Incremental cooperative rebalancing in Kafka Connect Today, Kafka Connect is reusing the same group membership API as Consumers do. However, because Connector and Tasks can change configuration at runtime, this can lead to a lot of extra rebalances also interrupting other existing connectors. This KIP proposes introducing an Incremental Cooperative protocol to deal with those issues.

KIP-419: Safely notify Kafka Connect SourceTask is stopped Currently, when Kafka Connect stops a Source Task, the task does not know whether it will restart shortly or if it’s a proper shutdown. Also, in some cases, the Connect Runtime can even call stop() multiple times. This KIP aims at improving the lifecycle of Source Connectors by providing a new method to clearly identify when the Runtime stopped a task for good so it can safely release its resources.

KIP-422: Add support for user/client configuration in the Kafka Admin Client Kafka allows you to configure four types of entities: brokers, topics, users, and client-ids. Unfortunately, at the moment, the Admin API only supports brokers and topics. In order to configure the other two entity types, users have to run the kafka-configs.sh command line tool and require direct Zookeeper access. The KIP proposes updating the Admin APIs to handle all entity types so the AdminClient supports all entities.


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