Introducing IBM Bluemix App ID, an Authentication and Profiles Service for App Developers

By: Carmel Schindelhaim and Beery Holstein

Introducing IBM Bluemix App ID, an Authentication and Profiles Service for App Developers

Today we are very excited to share with you that IBM Bluemix App ID is now available on Bluemix!

What is App ID?

App ID is an authentication and profiles service that makes it easy for developers to add authentication to their mobile and web apps, and secure access to cloud native apps and services on Bluemix. It also helps manage end-user data that developers can use to build personalized app experiences.

How can App ID help you?

As app developers ourselves, we understand that integrating authentication into your app can be really painful. That being said, authenticating your users is critical to the success of your app, since you have to secure user data, and protect backend apps and services.

Also, you’ll want to learn who is using your app, so that you can delight your users with a tailored experience that matches their specific needs. Which means that you’ll need to manage user identities, profiles, and preferences for all your channels, and do so in a way that is easily accessible for app developers.

We designed App ID to make it very simple for developers to quickly get authentication and authorization working, abstracting away complex security functions. You also have a profile service ready where you can store and access user data that can serve all of your apps. And of course App ID is built with open security standards, leveraging both OAUTH2 and OIDC.

What can you do with App ID?

Getting started is really straightforward. Go to the IBM Bluemix services catalog, and create an App ID instance. Then download and run the sample, and you’ll have a working app with Facebook and Google authentication.

App ID

If you want to add Facebook and Google authentication to your existing app, so that users can sign in with credentials that they already know, all you have to do is to add the App ID SDK (available for iOS, Android, Node.js, and Swift (Kitura)). You can then use the App ID widget UI in your app, and customize the sign-in UI from the App ID dashboard without having to rebuild your app.

To protect Node.js cloud apps and services that your app access, App ID provides a server side SDK that protects against unauthorized access.

Finally, App ID helps you build custom app experiences for your users, based on variety of factors, like their app preferences, information from their public social profiles, or what they previously did in your app. You can use the App ID profiles feature to store user data that developers can access for multiple types of apps. App ID supports engagement for both anonymous and authenticated users, and if users start using your app anonymously and later authenticate, you can continue to use data that you previously stored for them.

By the way, until April 30th, we are making App ID completely free to use. So go ahead and give it a try!


reminder for our Mobile Client Access (MCA) for Bluemix service users – you can continue to use MCA for the next 12 months until March 20, 2018, during which you will have to create a new App ID instance, replace SDKs and make the relevant changes to your code. Stay tuned for detailed instructions.

Your input is important to us:

You can help shape the future of the App ID service. Try App ID and share your thoughts and wish list items below, or in our developerWorks forum for Bluemix If you are attending IBM Interconnect, come see us there! Session 1429: Deliver Secure, Personalized App Experiences with Easy-to-Add User Identification Session 7097: Using IBM Bluemix for Identity Management, Authentication and Access Control Demystifed

Try IBM Bluemix App ID!

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