Announcing the Availability of Immutable Object Storage with US Cross Region Resiliency

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What is Immutable Object Storage?

Immutable Object Storage by IBM Cloud provides WORM (Write Once Read Many) capabilities with a retention policy that can be enforced for long-term retention of data. This solution helps our clients with their requirements around the preservation of electronic data (records) in a non-rewritable and non-erasable format.

Now available: Immutable Object Storage in US Cross Region

Earlier in 2019, IBM Cloud Object Storage introduced this capability for our Regional resiliency. This enabled our clients to govern and enforce the retention duration for objects stored and prevent object deletion and modification until the expiration of the retention period and removal of all associated legal holds.

Today, IBM is pleased to extend Immutable Object Storage support to our US Cross Region. Clients with an IBM Cloud Object Storage Standard plan can now add a retention policy when creating buckets with US Cross Region resiliency. 

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