IBM Watson Knowledge Catalog now available in United Kingdom

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By: Susanna Tai

Hello, this is London calling!

We are excited to announce that IBM Watson Knowledge Catalog is now available in the United Kingdom region! This means our customers now have the choice to catalog and access their data and AI assets within the UK London region if they have data residency requirements.

IBM Watson Knowledge Catalog (previously IBM Data Catalog and introduced last week) is an intelligent cataloging service that allows you to bring together and prepare analytic and AI assets, including machine learning models and structured and unstructured data, wherever they live, to power your data science and AI projects.

Here are some key capabilities of IBM Watson Knowledge Catalog that will help your users find and shape the data they need, and put them to productive use quicker than ever before:

  • Watson-powered AI recommendations provide suggestions on the most relevant data assets based on relationships between assets and how they’re being used

  • Social collaboration enables users in the community to unlock tribal knowledge through ratings and reviews

  • Automatic profiling and classification of structured and unstructured data help users understand what is in their data

  • Policy-driven data anonymization protects sensitive data from being viewed while unlocking previously unavailable data for non-production analytical needs

  • Embedded Data Refinery provides rich data preparation capabilities to interactively discover, cleanse and shape your data with 100+ data cleansing and wrangling transformations, schedule regular data flow jobs, and understand the quality and distribution of your data with built-in charts and statistics

  • Integration with IBM Information Governance Catalog (IGC) enables you to leverage your existing curated data sets and extend your on premises IGC investment to the cloud

  • Seamless integration with Watson Studio means your data scientists and knowledge workers can quickly use their data in a suite of powerful data science tools to build, train and deploy models

To sign-up or sign-in to IBM Watson Knowledge Catalog in the United Kingdom region, you can visit our UK-specific site at:

Sign up now for WKC in the UK region

You can also learn more about IBM Watson Knowledge Catalog through our main product page.

We would love to hear from you, so feel free to leave us a comment below if you have questions or feedback.

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