IBM Releases Free Db2 Edition on AWS Marketplace

5 min read

It’s now easier than ever to deploy Db2 on AWS.

You can try it by deploying Db2 for free from the Amazon AWS Marketplace. By deploying, you get a hosted Db2 on an Amazon virtual machine. You get full root access but, unlike IBM Db2 on Cloud, you need to maintain the system yourself.

In addition, IBM will be providing a fully managed Db2 offering on AWS within the next 12 months or less—stay tuned for more news on Db2’s AWS compatibility.

The Db2 image on Amazon Marketplace today is streamlined for optimal deployment. It comes with all the configurations you need to get started. And, it qualifies for the Amazon AWS Free Tier.

There are caps on the number of cores you can use with Db2 Developer Edition. So, if you’d like to move to a paid license later, you can replace the existing license with a paid one.

Finally, if you’re ready to switch to a fully managed Db2 system, try out Db2 on Cloud on IBM Cloud.

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