IBM Now Offers SAP on IBM Cloud in Partner-Managed Business Model

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New Revenue Opportunities for Systems Integrators, Managed Service Providers and Independent Software Vendors

Why run SAP on IBM Cloud?  

Building on a 46-year alliance with SAP, the IBM Cloud platform has been certified by SAP for its bare metal servers, local and shared storage and networking. This certification allows our Business Partners to run their client’s full production SAP applications and associated workloads on the IBM Cloud and manage it.

Business Models

One newly-signed Independent Software Vendor worked closely with IBM Cloud to create a series of pre-configured, pre-sized environments for their clients, and launched it into production in a few days. “The ability to choose a small, medium or large environment and be confident that the hardware will be appropriate to the demand means that we don’t spend time on IT considerations and can deploy our solutions quickly and easily,” said the Managing Director.

In another use case, a regional Managed Service Provider has recently teamed with IBM Cloud to provision, configure, implement and manage their end client’s SAP applications on IBM Cloud infrastructure. They chose IBM for the unique ability to provide SAP-certified bare metal servers that provide proven greater performance and enhanced security as they manage their client’s SAP workloads.

Systems Integrators are choosing to partner with IBM Cloud to host their SAP applications due to local compliance requirements, among other competitive advantages. The flexibility and choice of IBM’s 60+ global data centers are one key advantage for SIs who need to host data at the local country level.

Global Reach with Scalability

The IBM Cloud technology stack, including SAP-certified infrastructure is available in IBM’s 60+ data centers worldwide. This allows Business Partners to leverage the IBM Cloud global footprint on behalf of their clients as they expand their business, or architect new SAP solutions to meet specific client needs.


IBM Cloud’s choice of data centers in many countries helps ensure data sovereignty compliance.

Clients Save on Data Transfer Costs Too

By connecting your client’s SAP and non-SAP workloads, either in the same data center or across data centers around the world, Business Partner clients can save money via the IBM global private network.  This is a major advantage over other cloud service providers, as IBM does not charge for data transit across our cloud network.

HANA and Non-HANA Cloud Options

IBM Cloud supports HANA and non-HANA workloads and in production and non-production environments.

SAP-Certified HANA and Netweaver Servers

Available sizes for HANA range from 512GB to 8TB; Netweaver ranges from 32GB to 1TB.

Do your clients have these needs?

  • Must run production and non-production SAP HANA systems on cloud

  • Have high-volume or short- term SAP compute requirements

  • Want to save money by replacing CapEx with OpEx model

  • Leverage cognitive, block-chain and IoT in their digital transformation journey

To learn more about becoming an IBM Business Partner to manage SAP workloads on IBM Cloud, click here.

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