IBM Named a Forrester Wave™ Leader (and Why it Matters to Your AI Initiatives)

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IBM Cloud Pak® for Automation has been named a leader in the recent report, The Forrester Wave™ Digital Decisioning Platforms, Q4 2020.

It received the highest possible score in the strategy category and among the highest market presence scores. Forrester evaluated the intelligent decisioning capabilities delivered as part of IBM Cloud Pak for Automation. IBM Cloud Pak for Automation is a modular intelligent automation platform for designing, building, and running customer automation applications, anywhere. 

According to the report, clients of IBM Automation Decision Services "will benefit from a comprehensive set of decision-centric application accelerators and monitoring capabilities" as part of IBM Cloud Pak for Automation. 

Why should you care?

Unfortunately, too many companies are still wasting too much time and money gathering un-actionable insights and relying on legacy monolithic applications instead of effectively personalizing customer onboarding, driving up-sell opportunities, or predicting fraud. To make intelligent, complex decisions in real-time (and in-context) requires the ability to combine prescriptive business rules and predictive models to improve customer and employee experiences. 

The IBM Cloud Pak for Automation's new digital decisioning capabilities allow enterprises — especially those with artificial intelligence (AI) initiatives — to focus on driving business outcomes based on data they already have. IBM Automation Decision Services enables business users to engage with your data scientists, business leaders, and other subject matter experts throughout the lifecycle of your automation projects. With IBM Automation Decision Services, your business users can now easily leverage the powerful insights often locked away in machine learning models to make more intelligent and targeted decisions, at scale. Thanks to native integration with popular IT DevOps tools, you can also build and deploy these projects in record time.

The intelligent decisioning capabilities in the IBM Cloud Pak for Automation are helping clients to do the following: 

  • Identify opportunities to increase profitability. 
  • Enforce consistency to improve compliance.
  • Use information to manage risk. 

It's one thing to make better decisions, but it helps if you can make them faster, too. With the evaluated capabilities, line-of-business experts can effectively initiate decision automation projects and apply their knowledge to model decisions without much learning. When changes to decision models are required, business users can quickly update them. And, because decision models are easily integrated with other IT systems, applications can scale and execute automated decisions across multiple channels.

Do you need these capabilities?

If you have the following conditions or needs, these intelligent decisioning capabilities could be a perfect fit:

  • You need to automate changing business decisions fast and want line-of-business users to be able to initiate decision automation projects without the need of IT teams.
  • You need to get more out of your data science and operationalize your machine learning and predictive models.
  • You're facing fierce competitors and need to better understand customer intent to provide more personalized products and services.
  • You need to enforce consistency to improve compliance.
  • You need to leapfrog the way you use information to manage risks.
  • You need to break silos between IT, lines of business, and data science teams.
  • You want to eliminate shadow IT in automation projects.

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