IBM Message Hub Enterprise: Announcing a New Single-Tenant Plan

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By: James Bennett

Introducing single-tenant access to Message Hub

Introducing single-tenant access to Message Hub

IBM now offers single-tenant access to Message Hub, an Apache Kafka-as-a-service platform on IBM Cloud. This enterprise plan is generally available to any IBM Cloud user.

Available since 2015, the standard plan offers multi-tenant access to Message Hub on a monthly basis.

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Enable event-driven workflows

Message Hub is optimized to ingest events into IBM Cloud and distribute event streams between your services and applications. As a result, Message Hub enables application architects and developers to do the following:

  • Wire microservices together using the open Apache Kafka protocol

  • Publish event data to multiple applications simultaneously, enabling real-time responsiveness in end-user experience

  • Connect event streams to analytics engines to generate insights

  • Archive event streams in a long-term data store like IBM Cloud Object Storage

The single tenancy of Message Hub enterprise deployments provides the ultimate performance guarantees for all event management activities and ensures that businesses meet their critical regulatory data isolation requirements. Based on Kafka 1.1 and with single-click deployment, the Message Hub enterprise makes using Kafka easier than ever.

To ensure that your service remains uninterrupted even in the event of a total data center failure or loss, Message Hub takes advantage of IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service support for availability zones. When combined with IBM’s Identity & Access Management [IAM], Message Hub supports read and write policies on a per-topic basis, enabling a distributed publish/subscribe and event-driven architecture for your entire organization.

Message Hub enterprise deployments are immediately available in the US South multi-zone region, with more regions to follow. Standard multi-tenant deployments remain available in US-South, United Kingdom, Germany and Sydney.

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