IBM Event Streams Standard Plan Upgraded to Apache Kafka 1.1

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IBM Event Streams Standard plan upgrade

IBM Event Streams is a fully supported Apache Kafka-as-a-service offering available from IBM Cloud. We have updated the Standard plan offering to use Apache Kafka 1.1. This puts it in line with the Enterprise plan in terms of Kafka version. In addition to improved reliability, Apache Kafka 1.1 brings a number of interesting features.

Apache Kafka 1.1 features

Administration: Kafka now supports a number of administrative operations. The Kafka AdminClient now allows you to create topics, delete topics, add partitions, or change topic configurations. Previously, these required using the administration REST API. For more information, see the AdminClient API.

Exactly once semantics: This version of Kafka supports stronger delivery semantics using the Idempotent or Transactional Producer.

Updated message format: Up-to-date clients are now able to use a new message format which is more efficient when batching. This new format also supports message Headers.

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