IBM Event Streams in Action at Kafka Summit in San Francisco

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Come and meet the developers behind IBM Event Streams and see it in action at Kafka Summit 2019 in San Francisco!

With four different tracks and over 70 speakers, the 2019 Kafka Summit in San Francisco is sure to be a great event. Kafka Summit conferences provide the opportunity to hear about everything from new features of Apache Kafka to how developers are using it in their companies. This will be my fourth time at Kafka Summit, and I am always pleased to be reminded of just how enthusiastic the Kafka community is.

IBM speakers at the event

This year, we have three IBM speakers, giving two talks between them. Andrew Schofield and I will be sharing our lessons learned when building an MQ connector for Kafka Connect. Kafka Connect provides an easy way to port data from existing systems to Kafka so you can get the most out of that data. We will showcase the IBM MQ source and sink connectors as well as give some handy tips for writing your own connectors for other systems.

With her session titled “Help, my Kafka is broken!”, Emma Humber will be delving into Kafka diagnostics and explaining how to recover from outages. At IBM, we have hosted production Kafka environments for several years, so Emma has plenty to share on how to properly diagnose and resolve problems with your Kafka cluster.

Come visit the IBM booth 

When we aren’t on stage presenting, you will be able to find all three of us at the IBM booth, along with other IBMers from the Event Streams team. We would love to see you at the booth to answer any questions you have about our talks, Apache Kafka, or IBM Event Streams. We will have a demo of the latest version of Event Streams if you are curious about what new features we’ve added to the product. Also, we hope to have a “challenge” for those with keen eyes!

I can’t wait to see as many of you as possible at the Kafka Summit in September and until then remember you can reach out to the Event Stream team with any questions via our Slack channel.

IBM will also be hosting the Kafka Community Meet-up in London on October 9, 2019. Please let us know if you’re interested! If you want more information on Event Streams, check out our website.

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