IBM Delivers Expanded AIOps Benefits with Netcool Ops Manager 1.3

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It is imperative to maintain the efficient operation of critical applications and services in order to avoid catastrophic outages and slowdowns.

If you and your team are responsible for identifying and fixing application problems when they occur in production, there is a good chance that the responsibility is significantly more challenging.  

However, your team can tackle these problems with AIOps technology, which provides faster operational incident identification, event analytics with machine learning, and dynamic topology mapping that harnesses operational knowledge and improves management effectiveness. They need IBM Netcool Ops Manager 1.3.

What is IBM Netcool Ops Manager?

The IBM Netcool Ops Manager offering empowers IT Operations, DevOps, and SRE teams to find and fix problems faster, understand context and dependencies of dynamically changing environments, and automatically track and analyze operational trends. These enhanced capabilities provide your team with greater operational insight to reduce the number of problems that require human attention. 

Many companies today are working to modernize and transform their traditional environments and applications to more dynamic and scalable cloud native platforms. However, recent market assessments show that only 20% of business-critical applications have been modernized. Juggling that technical dichotomy makes it more challenging than ever to maintain healthy, high performing apps and services that users have come to expect.

IBM Netcool Ops Manager offers an achievable way to leverage cognitive, automated, and integrated approaches to meet the needs of operations teams. Linking the data, events, and historical trends across traditional systems of record and cloud native environments empowers your team with greater operational insight to reduce the number of problems that require human attention. 

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Adopting an AI platform for IT operations makes end-to-end lifecycle management possible. When your entire business depends on IT, prediction is better than a cure. Advanced correlation, analytics, automation, and thousands of predefined event sources with Netcool Ops Manager are the building blocks of a cohesive AI platform for IT operations. Together with the IBM Cloud Pak for Multicloud Management, IBM makes end-to-end lifecycle management not only possible, but achievable. 

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