Announcing IBM DataPower Gateway X3

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Help reduce business risk by securing and automating business and IT workloads with IBM DataPower.

Today, IBM is announcing the newest generation of DataPower Gateway appliances with the IBM DataPower Gateway X3. This latest model continues the long line of application gateways from IBM, building on the capabilities for securing, integrating and automating business and IT applications and services.

The new X3 is designed to extend IBM DataPower’s capabilities with improved performance, security and usability features. IBM DataPower Gateway X3 equips businesses with a powerful application gateway to protect, control, optimize, integrate and automate their modern, traditional and hybrid cloud workloads.

Application security is essential for supporting business agility

Today’s IT environments are complex and continue to expand at a rapid pace, with software and applications deployed across multiple clouds, data centers and architecture. In this world, exposing mission-critical assets and building connectivity between disparate data sources becomes a top priority for improving visibility and supporting business transformation. Secure, scalable integration is essential for delivering new experiences, services and products to customers, and it is also a key prerequisite for successfully implementing automation practices that improve the efficiency of IT and business operations. Regardless of the industry, there is no automation without integration; it enables the movement of data and communications between applications that makes unique automation opportunities possible.

As more critical business assets are integrated across hybrid cloud environments, ensuring these endpoints are exposed securely and are well protected from threats becomes a growing challenge for IT teams that are already stretched thin. In 2021, 62% of cybersecurity professionals reported an increase in their workloads, while 38% also reported being understaffed, leading to many feelings of burnout.

Without an efficient approach to application security, organizations run the risk of slowing down the implementation of new services and undermining newfound business agility from their digital transformation efforts. And this is underscored in an intensifying cybersecurity threat landscape.

Help reduce business risk by securing workloads with IBM DataPower Gateway X3

Protecting our clients’ assets is core to our focus at IBM. The DataPower Gateway X3 is designed to provide robust security and integration services used to protect applications and services with ease of use and low total cost of ownership. DataPower Gateway X3 protects applications that leverage traditional web services, but it also extends a common security framework for capabilities like API management and real-time streaming services utilizing Kafka™ and GraphQL™.

With IBM DataPower, businesses can easily protect, simplify, govern and optimize the delivery of services with a powerful, drop-in gateway engineered to reduce development costs and mitigate business risk.

IBM DataPower Gateway X3 is designed to provide the following:

  • Increased processing capacity, additional memory and network bandwidth (as compared to the X2) to help alleviate bottlenecks and achieve the most efficient transactional processing.
  • Tamper resistance, high security cryptographic operations and message and access protection, offering enterprise-grade security in a hardened physical appliance.
  • Integration capabilities that connect modern event-based and API workloads with other traditional services.
  • An optimized web management interface for building DataPower services that helps improve ease of use and enhances developer productivity.

Get started with IBM DataPower and the IBM Automation family

The IBM DataPower Gateway X3 is a key building block for the IBM Automation portfolio. IBM DataPower Gateway provides the security features for IBM Cloud Pak for Integration, which helps businesses integrate services across the enterprise. The DataPower Gateway helps enable a common security framework for on-premises, on cloud or a combination of both in a hybrid environment. The new DataPower Gateway X3 appliance can be deployed at the edge of an organization's network, fighting unwanted access and denial of service attacks and optimizing routing across the network. In conjunction with DataPower Virtual edition, this same level of protection can be provided on cloud deployments, allowing clients to deploy a common application security infrastructure across all environments in use today.

IBM DataPower Gateway X3 appliance will be generally available May 31, 2022, and the latest version of DataPower virtual gateway 10.5 will be generally available August 2022. For more information, please visit the IBM DataPower homepage or contact your local IBM representative.

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