IBM Cloud Wins 2020 Veeam Innovation Award and the Best of Show Award

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I’m excited to share that IBM Cloud was awarded a 2020 Veeam Innovation Award and voted on as the Best of Show among 2020 VIA partnership solutions at this week’s VeeamON conference.

IBM Cloud and Veeam are committed to delivering a reliable, cost-effective cloud business continuity solution. You can maintain full control of your environment with bare metal and hypervisor access, reduce IT costs with no charge network backbone to replicate between IBM Cloud data centers, and confidently adopt with up to 1,000 automatic deployment options.

IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions Shared has automated both the Veeam Availability Suite and Cloud Connect for easy adoption and management. And, you can integrate Veeam into your Virtual Data Centers with high resiliency and security. With Veeam’s Cloud Connect Replication enabled, setting up an offsite replication site has never been easier in IBM Cloud. With this integration, you can focus on your business continuity and let IBM Cloud manage the infrastructure, with no additional Veeam licensing costs or compute need until failover or test.

Furthermore, with availability in North America and Europe, you can rest assured that your Veeam solution is fully distributed across regions with high availability—using V10 to provide a secondary copy in a different region. If your Veeam Portal becomes unavailable in one data center, IBM Cloud will automatically recognize and activate it in another available data center.

Check out the Veeam Cloud Connect Replication guide

While this award validated and recognized our commitment to our customers, we will continue to work closely with Veeam to innovate and help you get the most out of your IT investments. If you are looking for a disaster recovery environment without the cost and complexity of managing an off-site infrastructure, read this Veeam Cloud Connect Replication guide to get started today!

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