IBM Cloud Transit Gateway Multi-Account Support Now Available

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IBM Cloud is pleased to announce the enhancement update of IBM Cloud Transit Gateway multi-account support.

You can now interconnect IBM Cloud Virtual Private Clouds (VPCs)–Gen1 or Gen2—between separate IBM Cloud accounts.   

IBM Cloud Transit Gateway provides a central hub for connectivity, making it easy to provision and manage your networks. You can create a single or multiple transit gateways to connect IBM Cloud VPCs together. You can also connect your IBM Cloud classic infrastructure to a transit gateway, to provide seamless communication with classic infrastructure resources. All data is optimized for performance and remains within the private IBM Cloud backbone.  

IBM Cloud Transit Gateway provides a central hub for connectivity, making it easy to provision and manage your networks.

Transit Gateway multi-account support is an enhancement that allows enterprises with multiple accounts under their control—often set up to separate billing by department—to interconnect VPC resources via an opt-in model between VPC account owners. The Transit Gateway account owner can send a connection request to a VPC owner in a different account (same or different company).

You can build applications that span multiple IBM VPCs without the operational burden of managing a distributed network. As your business needs change and expand, you can quickly and easily expand network capacity and extend applications running in the Cloud to IBM Cloud’s global network of data centers to deliver applications to employees and clients around the world. Clients today are using Transit Gateway to connect applications for the purposes of delivering highly available, distributed workloads, edge access, and more.  

IBM Cloud Transit Gateway features

  • Privately interconnect IBM Cloud classic infrastructure and IBM Cloud VPCs  
  • Privately interconnect IBM Cloud VPC to VPCs (Gen1 and Gen2 VPCs) 
  • Local and global routing options with traffic remaining within IBM Cloud global private backbone 
  • High availability 99.99% SLA and no single point of failure in IBM Cloud Multi-Zone Regions (MZRs) 
  • Integration with the IBM Cloud Identity and Access Management (IAM) platform to manage access  

Get started today 

IBM Cloud Transit Gateway is available in all IBM Cloud Multi-Zone Regions worldwide, and you can get started quickly with a free tier of service. Every month, Transit Gateway provides customer accounts with ten (10) free connections, unlimited local data transfer, and 1 TB of free data transfer. Note: Pricing estimates may vary slightly based on USD currency fluctuations.  

Learn more with these VPC demos: 

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