App Modernization for Enterprise Transformation with IBM Cloud Pak for Applications Updates

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We're excited to announce the release of IBM Cloud Pak for Applications v4.2.

Additionally, we know that the need for building new apps and the cost of maintaining existing investments will continue to skyrocket—500 million new digital apps and services will be created by 2023 [1], while 40% of IT budgets will be consumed by technical debt compounding through 2025[2].

Today, we are making it easier for businesses to accelerate their cloud transformation with the release of IBM Cloud Pak for Applications v4.2 to help businesses more quickly modernize, build, deploy, and run applications in any environment. New updates to the Cloud Pak include solutions designed to enable clients to deploy new cloud native apps faster with less risk, unlock new value in applications through continuous modernization, and optimize existing applications to lower development and maintenance costs.

In order to remain competitive, our customers need to manage the complexity of their digital transformation and modernization journeys—balancing the desire to achieve cost savings, while also driving greater agility and the development of new cloud native solutions. The flexible licensing within IBM Cloud Pak for Applications supports customers performing modernization by enabling them to move to WebSphere Liberty at their own pace and includes tools that reduce the costs, risk, and complexity of manual modernization projects.

For example, customers like CaixaBank are using IBM Cloud Pak for Applications to accelerate their hybrid cloud journeys. The bank is working to build and deploy new cloud native apps with increased security and agility to deliver a more streamlined customer experience, while taking into account the need to remain compliant. In addition, Primerica, a major insurance provider, is able to keep sensitive data secured on-premises by utilizing IBM’s private cloud technology, which allows them to leverage containers and microservices in a modern infrastructure.

What’s new with IBM Cloud Pak for Applications v4.2

New capabilities with IBM Cloud Pak for Applications v4.2 include the following:

  • Mono2Micro: An automated, AI-driven utility solution to assist architects in transforming monoliths to full or partial microservices with automation, intelligence, and speed while minimizing the costs and risks associated with modernization projects. Currently in beta, this will ultimately help organizations modernize and transform their existing monolithic Java applications to fully gain the business benefits of containers and Red Hat OpenShift.
  • Accelerators for teams: Enterprise development teams can accelerate the development of cloud native solutions from conception to production with the benefits of continuous deployment, governance, and operational insights. Essentially, the solution gives multidisciplinary teams an accelerated workflow to help manage the entire DevOps process from idea to Day-2 Ops.
  • Accelerators for RESTful and event-driven solution features: Available in a technical preview, the accelerators will allow teams to rapidly innovate with confidence and increase their productivity as the solution brings together the unique operational, security, and technology standards. For example, quickly build event-driven applications using Application Stacks for WebSphere Liberty that use the MicroProfile Reactive Messaging APIs.
  • Continued support for Red Hat OpenShift: With the latest version of Cloud Pak for Applications, we are now using Red Hat OpenShift 4.4. This is accompanied by a refresh of Red Hat Runtimes, including the addition of Quarkus—a container-first Kubernetes Java framework designed to become an effective runtime for Functions-as-a-Service Java. It also includes additional enterprise runtimes from IBM, including WAS ND, WAS, WAS Liberty Core, Open Liberty, and MobileFirst. IBM Cloud Pak for Applications v4.2 introduces support for Red Hat OpenShift on IBM P in addition to the support already available on IBM Z.

With today’s updates to the Cloud Pak for Applications, companies can move forward in their journey with new ways to quickly build and deploy cloud native apps and set their businesses up to compete in the cloud era.

Learn more about IBM Cloud Pak for Applications v4.2 new capabilities

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