IBM Cloud Hyper Protect Crypto Services: A New Option to Initialize Your Service Instance

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A simplified service instance initialization option is now available.

In addition to using smart cards and the Hyper Protect Crypto Services Management Utilities and using key part files, you can now initialize your IBM Cloud Hyper Protect Crypto Services service instance with a simplified option in the Dallas and Washington DC regions by using recovery crypto units. 

With the recovery crypto units, a random master key value is automatically generated and copied to the other crypto units for the service instance. When you provision a service instance in either the Dallas or Washington DC region, two recovery units are automatically assigned without additional costs. The master key value never appears in the clear outside of the HSMs.

For more information about the differences between the service instance initialization approaches, see "Introducing service instance initialization approaches."

For detailed instructions, see "Initializing service instances using recovery crypto units."

For other new features and functions available in this release, see the Release notes.

Use promo code HPCRYPTO30 to try the service free

Starting immediately, we are offering new clients a 3,120 USD credit to be applied toward IBM Cloud Hyper Protect Crypto Services (the equivalent of 30 days free for two crypto units). When you create an instance of Hyper Protect Crypto Services, you specify the number of crypto units to provision. The default option is two crypto units for high availability, and monthly pricing is per crypto unit.

Use promo code HPCRYPTO30 when you provision the service to get the first 30 days free for two crypto units. See this guide on how to apply promo codes to your IBM account. The offer can be redeemed in a few simple steps:

This offer is subject to availability. Each promo code can be used once per customer, and it cannot be combined with other offers.

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