IBM Cloud Foundry Enterprise Environment Management Offering

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IBM Cloud Foundry Enterprise Environment (CFEE) has released the enablement for partner organizations to provide management for customers deploying the Cloud Foundry Enterprise Environment service.

The management of the Cloud Foundry Enterprise Environment service can be done by customers themselves—as their "own" management provider—or by engaging with a partner organization.

Several IBM Cloud Foundry partners are providing this service in much the same way as other IBM Cloud products are engaging teams with deep management experience and knowledge to perform that level of management engagement.

IBM Cloud Foundry Enterprise provides a full set of information to enable customers and partners to manage the Cloud Foundry Enterprise service.

Key management capabilities

  • A model for shared management responsibilities
  • Details on underlying components like Cloud Foundry open-source releases, IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service, and IBM Cloud Databases
  • Monitoring the environment instance and its supported infrastructure and acting on needed alerts
  • Auditing and logging capabilities that allow administrators to audit events taking place in the instance and developers to track log events generated from their Cloud Foundry applications
  • Management of shared and private domains available to applications within the environment
  • Updating the service instance to the latest version to get the newest functions and capabilities
  • Built-in autoscaling support for Cloud Foundry applications to adjust application instance numbers automatically
  • Protecting sensitive application data within key regulatory compliances
  • Managing a customer-provided service
  • Specialized management of different runtime languages
  • Managing utilization and capacity through generated performance reports
  • Providing SLAs related to the entire solution and based on management levels and agreements

These capabilities allow deep management control over every aspect of the Cloud Foundry/Kubernetes stack on which Cloud Foundry Enterprise is built and fine-tuned control of this important PaaS application hosting environment.

Contact a management offering provider

You can find a list of management offering providers and contact them to discuss working with them for your Cloud Foundry Enterprise and other management needs. They have deep skills and experience with these technologies and provide turn-key management solutions. They also can provide a number of other very beneficial services, like education, developer transformation services, agile delivery service, application proof-of-concept activities, and full turn-key application development.

Learn more

Create an IBM Cloud Foundry Enterprise Environment, engage a management offering provider for your full managed application hosting needs, and benefit from the fully isolated hosting capability of IBM Cloud Foundry Enterprise. Contact us or your IBM representative to learn more.

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