IBM Cloud Continuous Delivery Is Now Available in Osaka and Sydney Regions

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IBM is pleased to announce the availability of IBM Cloud Continuous Delivery in the Sydney and Osaka regions.

This is in addition to the existing availability in Dallas, Washington, Frankfurt, London and Tokyo. Each location has three different data centers for redundancy. 

These regions provide a full cloud service stack that enables highly available, redundant and geographically dispersed customer solutions. This architecture provides the foundation you need to build and deploy your mission-critical applications in the cloud. The multiple zone and region model enable three important capabilities:

  1. Uniformity and consistency of cloud services between locations.
  2. Improved resiliency and availability of the cloud platform and infrastructure.
  3. Region and zone-aware services.

IBM Cloud Continuous Delivery is used by development teams to securely automate DevOps best practices with Tekton-based pipelines for CI/CD. You can edit and push code using Git Repos and Issue Tracking and the rich web-based IDE, create toolchains to enable tool integrations that support your development, deployment and operations tasks and assess and remediate security vulnerabilities that may be introduced into your source code with Code Risk Analyzer. In addition, you can collect data on your DevOps processes, establish policies and implement quality gates to reduce your deployment risk.


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For more information on IBM Cloud Continuous Delivery, see the documentation.

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